What's Eating The Flesh is the 44th episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, Under New Management on December 18, 1999.

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The epis ode begins at Bill the Lab Guy's laboratory, where Bill shows The Action League his latest discovery. At first, The Flesh thinks he's talking about the Guinea Pig, which he tells him that someone already invented it, but Bill tells him he's talking about the virus it carries, which he dubs "the body eating virus". He calls it that because it eats the victim's body until there is nothing left of it. He warns the Action League not to touch the infected Guinea pig, as the virus is highly contagious, but The Flesh doesn't listen, and rides the infected Guinea Pig like a horse, losing an arm as a result.

At Action Headquarters, Bill analyzes The Flesh through a microscope. He tells the Action League that there's nothing he can do to cure The Flesh, and if anybody touches him, they will be infected with the virus as well. The Chief tells Bill he has to cure him, and Thundergirl agrees with him, as The Flesh's life is at stake. The Chief then interrupts, saying the annual Chief's golf tournament is today and he needs The Flesh to be his caddy. Bill tells The Chief that he could look for a cure in the rainforest, as he knows a Shaman who could be able to help him. The Chief tells Bill to find the Shaman, as he tees off at 1:30 and he can't win without The Flesh. Bill sets off as The Chief tells The Flesh he's going to be okay. Just then, The Flesh loses his left leg, but is relieved after hearing The Chief.

While Bill drives his go-kart to the rainforest, Stinky, Thundergirl, and Meltman all take care of The Flesh. Stinky cleans out his ears, Meltman shaves his chest, and Thundergirl brushes his hair.

Meanwhile, The Chief is in the living room, practicing his golf swing. When he hits the first golf ball, it bounces off a lamp in the kitchen. Back at Action Headquarters, Meltman has successfully shaved The Flesh's chest without touching him. Just then, the golf ball hits him and knocks him into The Flesh, causing him to get the virus. After seeing his arms fall off, Thundergirl decides to leave so she doesn't get infected as well. When she tries to, The Chief hits another golf ball, which bounces off a pot in the kitchen and hits her, knocking her into Stinky and The Flesh, causing her and Stinky to get infected as well.

At the rainforest, Bill meets the Shaman and asks him what the cure to the body-eating virus is. The Shaman tells him in his own language that the cure is medicinal sap. He asks the Shaman where the sap is, and as the Shaman tells him, The Chief hits another golf ball, which knocks a plant over that lands on the Shaman. Bill, hoping The Shaman is all right, asks him where the sap is again. The Shaman tries wearily to tell Bill where it is, but The Chief hits another golf ball, which knocks over a bottle, which lands on Bill.

Back at the living room, The Chief has run out of golf balls. The heads of Stinky, Meltman, and Thundergirl roll to him as Meltman tells him they need help. The Chief tells them he will help them as long as they don't touch him. After all, he doesn't want to get the virus either. The Flesh's head catches up, and accidentally knocks Thundergirl's head into The Chief's golf ball machine, which launches it onto The Chief, who now has the virus as well. The Narrator asks the viewers if the virus will devour them completely, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, Bill awakens and finds the medicinal sap he's looking for inside the bottle on top of him.

Back at the Living room, The Action League's heads look at each other, sure that the virus will devour them completely now. The Chief is angry at The Flesh, Thundergirl, Stinky and Meltman, and says he'd stomp them if he had any legs left. Suddenly, Bill arrives and pours the medicinal sap on them, curing them of the virus. The Chief, who now has all his body parts again, is pleased, as they're cured in time for his golf tournament; all he needs now is a golf ball, since he's lost the ones he hit earlier.

Moments later at the golf course, The Chief uses The Flesh's head as a golf ball. He hits it and it bounces off various courses, landing perfectly in the hole. The Chief tells Bill that he told him he couldn't win without The Flesh, and everyone laughs as the episode ends.


  • This episode's title is a parody of the 1993 film, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, starring Johnny Depp.
  • The body-eating virus is revealed to be the popular Namco arcade game, Pac-Man.


  • The Flesh: "Look, guys! I'm a cowboy! Yee-Haw!"
  • Thundergirl (singing): "Thundergirl, fleeing a virus, before it infects..." (she gets hit by The Chief's second golf ball and knocked into The Flesh with Stinky)
  • Meltman: "My arm!"
  • Thundergirl: "No! That's mine!"
  • The Flesh: "Can someone pass me a leg?"
  • Announcer: "The league; infected, their heads; ejected!"

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