The Flesh
The Flesh

Portrayed by

Jim Krenn



First Appearance

I've Been Workin' On Derailroad

Last Appearance

And Justice for None

"He's super-strong... and super-naked!"

Character DescriptionEdit

The Flesh is the strongest, yet the most dim-witted, member of the Action League. Some proof in which Flesh expresses his unintelligence is that he uses kindergarten-based words such as "gooders", "oopsies", and "whoopsies". Sometimes, he is also the main cause of getting the entire league tangled in tight situations. An example of this was in the episode, Danger for a Dignitary. When Flesh "saluted" the emerging embassador, he accidentally smacked Stinky Diver, causing him to accidentally launch his harpoon at the embassador, flying him into the road where a nearby car crushed him.


In Flesh And Blood , it is revealed that Flesh had never met his parents for quite some time now. However, it seemed that his luck changed when his "parents" came to rejoice after being separated for so long. Unfortunately, they turned out to be criminal masterminds who took advantage of Flesh's stupidity when they tried to rob a mansion.

At the end of that episode, when the imposters' plan was foiled, they were arrested, which made Flesh wonder if he would really meet his real parents. However, in the end, it turned out that Flesh really did have parents, who were trying to search for him. Strangely enough, Flesh's real parents were naked, just like him!


  • Ouchies!
  • Oopsies!/Whoopsies!
  • Gollers!
  • Yummers!
  • Yuckers!
  • Pukesies!
  • Stinkers!
  • Hurray for me!


  • The Flesh's name may be a pun of "The Flash". He is named "The Flesh", mostly because of his naked posture.
  • During an "Ask the League" moment, when a fan wondered who the Chief's real name was, the Flesh made a remark, saying that his first name is the same as his (being "The"). This may reveal that Flesh's real name is really "The Flesh" ("The" being the first name, and "Flesh" being the last name).
  • In Danger for a Dignitary, it is revealed Flesh's middle name is "Murray".
  • The Flesh's figure is a modified Conan the Adventurer action figure.


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