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Stinky On Ice is the second episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on All That on October 28, 1995.

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Stinky Diver is in a freezer, spearfishing for sardines, when he hears a cry for help. A young boy is drowning in a bowl of gelatin. Stinky saves the boy, but the gelatin hardens around him before he can get himself out.

At Action Headquarters, The Flesh beats Meltman at arm wrestling by ripping his arm off. Thundergirl receives a fax saying Stinky is in trouble, and the League goes off to help him, save for Meltman who gets his leg ripped off in the door.

Thundergirl tries looking for Stinky in the refrigerator, to no avail, even though she's standing on the same gelatin Stinky is stuck in. She finds The Flesh frozen blue in the freezer, and after Thundergirl goes back to the refrigerator The Flesh finds a tea kettle to warm up in. Thundergirl decides to follow her nose to find Stinky and is led to a compartment marked "Cheese." She opens it to reveal a bag of very smelly cheese, so smelly in fact that she is quickly overcome by the stench and faints, landing in a pie.

With the remaining members of the League out of commission, it seems that nobody will save Stinky in time. That is, until the pressure in The Flesh's kettle becomes so high that he is shot out of the kettle and ricochets off of various items in the kitchen. He lands in Stinky's bowl, sending gelatin everywhere and freeing Stinky. The shock knocks over a carton of milk, which pours on Thundergirl and wakes her up. Stinky congratulates the Flesh, who is now red like a lobster. Meltman finally shows up, and noticing that the refrigerator door has been left wide open, shuts it with the remainder of the League inside.

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  • Announcer: Dateline: Arctic Park, where we find Stinky Diver communing with nature.

Stinky Diver: Here, fishy, fishy, fishy. (fires his harpoon gun at a tin of sardines from the refrigerator to the freezer, begins to reel one up.) Gotcha, sucker!"

  • Boy: (drowning in liquid gelatin) "Aahh! Help me!"

Stinky Diver: (as he's reeling in one of the sardines) "Lunch later, action now!" (He then throws his harpoon to rescue the boy.)

  • The Flesh: (while holding one of Meltman's arms.) "You sure you want to arm wrestle again, Meltman?"

Meltman: "Come on, you big naked chicken; best two out of three!" (They arm wrestle, but Meltman loses another arm in the process.) "...uh, three out of five?"

  • Announcer: (as Thundergirl searches for Stinky Diver, unaware that she's standing on the gelatin he's frozen it; she then flies off, as his oxygen supply begins to run out) "If only Thundergirl can read minds, she might hear Stinky's cries for help, something like... "I'm running out of air! Get me out of here!"

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