Melty's Girl

Melty's Girl is the seventh episode of the third season of Action League Now!, and the 35th episode overall. It first premiered on the KaBlam! episode, Great For Paper Training on October 11, 1998.

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The episode begins at Action League Headquarters, where The Chief has summoned the League for an important meeting. As he tries to explain the mission to The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Stinky, Meltman walks in with a girl, giving her a tour of the Headquarters. The Chief is not happy with Meltman, as their Headquarters is supposed to be top secret. Meltman tells him and the rest of the league that he has a new girlfriend, Andrea, and introduces them to her. Stinky finds it hard to believe that Meltman was able to get a girlfriend, but Meltman asks him and the rest of the League if it's so strange. The rest of the League all deny their opinions as The Chief tells them they have a Defcon-4 superhero emergency and they must move out. He also tells Meltman to stay at Headquarters in case the mail comes. Meltman agrees to stay, until Andrea tells him that he told her he was a superhero. Meltman tells her he is, and that he gets the mail with super regularity, but Andrea tells him that the man she loves has an inner superhero, waiting to be released, and that he should be where the action is with the rest of the League. Meltman tells her she's right, and as the rest of the League sets off in the Action Mobile, Meltman stops in front of them, causing them to steer into a bookshelf and get hit by a bowling ball at the top. After that incident, Meltman decides it's better if he took the bus.

Later that day, the League and their newly repaired Action Mobile are outside a warehouse with its doors plastered with various warning signs. The warehouse is home to many large heavy objects, and there are several thieves are on the loose, obviously planning to pilfer the large heavy objects. The Chief warns The League that the place is most likely booby-trapped, and somebody has to go in to investigate. He asks the League who wants to volunteer, and while The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Stinky pretend not to have heard, Andrea volunteers Meltman to go in. At first, Meltman refuses, but Andrea tells him that the Meltman she loves would never turn down a chance to release his inner superhero. Meltman nervously agrees in order to impress Andrea.

Moments later, as the warehouse door opens, Meltman sees a dangling anvil, rigged to fall on whoever steps on the bullseye below. Meltman, thinking it isn't a booby trap, tells the rest of the League the coast is clear, and they stop the Action Mobile on top of the bullseye and under the anvil, which falls on top of them, flattening them, and destroying the Action Mobile. Meltman knows that The Chief is not going to be happy with him, as it's the second time today he's inadvertently smashed the Action Mobile. Andrea tells him not to worry, as once they all see the new and improved Meltman she has in mind, they're gonna love him.

Back at Action League Headquarters, The Flesh, Thundergirl, Stinky, and The Chief all laugh at Meltman's new super suit. Andrea tells them that he's not Meltman anymore, he's Dr. Melt. The Flesh, Thundergirl, Stinky, and The Chief continue laughing, as they find that name ridiculous. When they're finished laughing, The Chief tells Meltman that because of him, the Theives have escaped and they got smashed. Meltman tells him it was Meltman who got them smashed, not Dr. Melt. Andrea then tells the Chief that if he doesn't appreciate Dr. Melt's services, he will glady take his business elsewhere. The Chief then warns her not to let her mouth write a check her heinie can't cash. Andrea then tells him that she and Meltman quit, and drags Meltman away by his cape. The Narrator asks the viewers if Andrea's relationship with Meltman has come between him and the rest of the League, and if the League will be able to catch the thieves and not get smashed without Meltman, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, Meltman and Andrea have set up their own office. Meltman tries to get a framed diploma to hang straight and ends up falling off the bookshelf, with the diploma falling atop him. The phone rings, and Andrea, excited over their first assignment, answers the fax. She tells Meltman that the Large, Heavy Object Theives are at it again. Meltman, who is still stuck in the diploma tells her to call the police, but she tells him that this is a job for Dr. Melt. Meltman nervously agrees, and Andrea heads towards the Meltmobile. Meltman tries to follow her, but the diploma knocks over a steel tower, which lands atop him.

Moments later, the thieves are preparing to steal a television set. Meltman and Andrea arrive, As Meltman tries to say his new catchphrase, "Feel the Fear, Dr. Melt is here!", his cape gets caught in the Meltmobile. The Thieves laugh as Meltman gets his cape free from the Meltmobile. They then decide to beat him up, but let go of the ropes in the process. They walk up to him, and just as they are about to beat him up, the released ropes cause the television to fall on top of them and Meltman, flattening them. The rest of the Action League and the Chief arrive and The Chief congratulates Meltman for catching the thieves. He then tells them he was wrong about him. Andrea then tells The Chief that it's too late for him, as Dr. Melt is finished with the Action League. Meltman then tells Andrea that it's her who he's finished with. He's going back to the League. Andrea tries to convince him to stay with her, asking who helped him find his inner superhero, but Meltman tells her he's really more comfortable finding his inner chicken. The rest of the League laughs as the episode ends.

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  • Narrator: "Meltman, splitsville. The League, splatsville.

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