Portrayed by

Scott Paulsen



First Appearance

I've Been Workin' On Derailroad

Last Appearance

And Justice for None

"With the power to... um... Melt!"

Meltman is a member of the Action League. His defining physical characteristic is his "melted" appearance. He is revealed in the opening sequence to have "the power to melt," though this is rarely (if ever) seen outside the opening sequence. Unlike the rest of the League, he doesn't have any super powers, and can be cowardly at times. The Chief considers him to be "as yellow as a jar of mustard at a jaundice convention." Because of his lack of super powers, he is often considered the "servant" of the League, often sent to get things such as soda, donuts, or pizza for everyone else. He has a long-running crush on Thundergirl, but she never shows any feelings towards him.


"With the power to ... melt!" — Meltman has the "power" to melt, and is the smallest and weakest member of the Action League. He has a long-running crush on Thundergirl, who does not reciprocate his feelings for her. As melting is his only ability, Meltman is quite unhelpful and a borderline burden and is considered by the rest of the League to be their personal servant, often fulfilling such chores as getting them sodas and donuts. For this reason, Meltman is always looking for ways to get the League to appreciate him. In two different episodes, it is revealed that his full name is Barry Meltfarb, although he claims to have changed the surname to his superhero name. As he once stated to a viewer. he has never used his power since there is no need for it.

Facts and triviaEdit

  • Full name: Barry Meltfarb; though appears to have changed his surname to Meltman
  • Became his own superhero, "Dr. Melt," after being convinced by his girlfriend Andrea.


The original Meltman figure was constructed from a GI Joe "Cobra" character. Exactly which character it was is unknown, though the "Cobra Soldier," "Cobra Trooper," and "Cobra Commander" seem to be close matches. He also has a melted body.