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In The Belly of the Beast is the 14th episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, You've Tried the Rest, Now Try the Best! on December 30, 1996.

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The episode begins with The Chief and his wife on a date on the couch. Suddenly, a vacuum hose sneaks up behind The Chief. Justice tries to warn The Chief, but The Chief thinks he's trying to hit on his wife. The vacuum hose sucks up the Chief and traps him in a vacuum bag. The vacuum is controlled by none other than His Dishonor, the Mayor, who plans to use it against the Action League.

Back at Action Headquarters, The Action League prepares to goof off. Thundergirl rides a roller skate, The Flesh tosses a paper airplane, and Stinky Diver tries to shoot it with his spear gun. Instead, he accidentally hits Meltman, who tells them that, since The Chief's not here, as senior member, he's in charge. The Flesh tells Meltman the only thing he can be in charge of is getting sodas. He, Stinky, and Thundergirl chant for soda, and Meltman reluctantly decides to get them. As soon as Meltman leaves, Justice arrives and tells The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Stinky that The Chief's gone missing. The league rushes off to find him.

Meanwhile, Meltman is at the refrigerator, trying to get the sodas down with a long stick. All the while, complaining that the League doesn't appreciate him. When he does manage to get them down, they land on him. He returns to Action Headquarters with the sodas, only to find the League gone. He, thinking they ditched him, decides to quit, as he doesn't want to stay where he isn't wanted. He then kicks one of the soda cans, which squirts him backwards.

The rest of the Action League continues searching for the Chief. The Flesh is in the kitchen, searching on foot, Thundergirl is searching the living room by flying to get an aerial view, and Stinky is searching the bathroom by swimming in a toilet. Just then, the Mayor's vacuum cleaner starts sucking them up one by one, starting with Stinky at the bathroom, and following with Thundergirl in the living room. The Mayor then tries sucking up The Flesh, only to find him too big and buff to fit in the vacuum hose, so he pushes a barbell at the Flesh, which splits him into pieces. He then sucks up the Flesh's pieces one by one. Inside the vacuum bag, the League has found the chief. Unfortunately, they can't get out of the vacuum bag, and only Meltman can save them.

Meanwhile, a sad Meltman decides to cash his final paycheck at the bank. Just then, the Mayor's vacuum hose sucks up Meltman's money and even the bank manager. However, The Mayor won't stop there; his evil plan isn't complete unless he sucks up Meltman! The Narrator then asks the viewers if the Mayor will succeed in his evil plan, then tells the viewers to stay tuned for part 2.

In the second act, Meltman runs away from the Mayor's vacuum cleaner. The vacuum chases him to the bathroom, where he climbs up a toilet plunger, runs across the toilet, and bounces off the handle, landing on a toilet paper roll. The Mayor then uses his vacuum to suck up the toilet paper as Meltman runs across it. The toilet paper quickly fills up the vacuum bag, robbing the rest of the league of precious oxygen. When the toilet paper runs out, the Mayor corners Meltman, and just as it looks like Meltman is done for, the toilet paper clogs up the vacuum hose, and causes the vacuum to malfunction. The vacuum explodes, destroying it and setting the rest of the League free.

An escaped Chief asks the Mayor why he tried to suck up the League with his vacuum cleaner. The Mayor tells them that he's a neatnik. The League thank Meltman for saving them, and tell his he really should be in charge... in charge of getting them pizza, that is. They all chant for Pizza as the episode ends.


  • The Chief (as Justice tries to warn him about the vacuum hose behind him): "Quiet, Justice! Get your own blasted girlfriend!"

(Stinky' harpoon lands on Meltman, and he removes it.)

  • Meltman: "Okay, you cretins, that's enough! Chief's not here, so as senior member, I'm in charge!"

(The paper airplane that Thundergirl threw hits Meltman and he falls to the floor. The rest of the League walks towards him.)

  • The Flesh: "Yeah, in charge of getting sodas."
  • The League, chanting except Meltman:: "Soda, soda, soda, soda, soda...!"
  • Meltman: "Oh, alright... but when I get back, I'm kicking rump and taking names!"

(The rest of the League laugh at him when he goes to get sodas, at the same time Justice arrives to warm the League.)

  • The Flesh: "Look guys, I found the Chief!"
The Chief: "You muscle-headed moron! Don't you get it?"
Stinky Diver: "We've all been Hoovered!"
Thundergirl: "And only Meltman can save us!"
The Flesh, Thundergirl, Stinky Diver and The Chief: "WE'RE DOOMED!"
  • Meltman: "$99, $100. My final paycheck. Well, I guess I better put this in a safe place." (The Mayor's vacuum sucks up his money) "Hey! Give me back my money! I want to see the Bank Manager!"
The Mayor (as he sucks up the Bank Manager): "Here he is, Mush-man! And you're next!"
  • Narrator: "We last left our heroes vacuum-sealed in a dusty tomb. Their only hope; the spurned Meltman, who takes the kind of action he's famous for..."
Meltman: "Aaaah! Don't hurt me!"
Narrator: "...evasive action."
  • The Mayor (as Meltman runs across the toilet paper roll): "You can run, but you can't wipe!"
  • The Chief: "What in Harry's henhouse?"
Stinky Diver: "Loo paper, robbing us of precious oxygen!"
The Flesh: "At least it's squeezably soft."
  • The Mayor (the vacuum about to explode): "Uh-oh, here's trouble!"
  • The Chief: "Why'd you do it, Mayor?"
The Mayor: "Would you believe... I'm a neatnik?"


  • At the bank, the game board is from "The Game of Life", and Meltman's money is Monopoly Money.
  • The Flesh says the toilet paper is "Squeezably soft", a reference to the Charmin bath tissue commercials, where Mr. Whipple would tell customers not to squeeze the Charmin, before eventually giving in and squeezing it himself.

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