Hodge Podge

Portrayed by

Jim Krenn



First Appearance

The Revenge of Hodge Podge

Last Appearance

And Justice for None (shown in flashback footage only)

Character DescriptionEdit

Hodge Podge was once The Action League's former accountant. He was accidentally catapulted into and chopped up in a blender by the Flesh, then horribly rebuilt by the ever inept Bill the Lab Guy, making him a freak with parts of random toys and household objects (such as a claw for a hand, taken from a crab toy, and the top portion of a fork attached to his chest). The team's second most frequent antagonist, Hodge Podge appears to be more hands-on and successful than the Mayor with his initial tactics, even though neither of them ever get their way. He specifically works with mechanics to get his way (brainwashing radio station, custom-built remote control, modified voicebox, etc.).

Appearances on the ShowEdit

Hodge Podge appears in the following episodes:


  • Before he was tossed into the blender by The Flesh, Hodgepodge's figure was made from modified Playskool dollhouse figures in a manner similar to The Chief and The Mayor. His head is the only part of his original form kept.