Grief for the Chief

Grief For The Chief is the 48th episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, Now With More Flava on January 15, 2000.

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The episode begins at the hospital, where The Chief is in a wheelchair, having recovered from a recent injury. Thundergirl asks if he's ready to go home, and The Chief is angry with her and the rest of the League. He tells them he's going to end up dead if he keeps working with them. Stinky tells The Chief to calm down, as they made one mistake, and assure him it'll never happen again. The Flesh then secures one end of a rope to the Action Mobile. The other end is tied to The Chief's wheelchair. As the Action League climbs aboard the Action Mobile, The Chief begs them to let him in the car. Meltman tells him there's no room for his wheelchair, and Stinky tells him he'll be fine. They set off, and the Action Mobile tows The Chief's wheelchair as they run across the road. They go over a speed bump, and The Chief's wheelchair breaks loose. It then lands in the middle of the road, where it gets run over by a street sweeper, which breaks the Chief into pieces. Meltman then tells Stinky that at least they're near the hospital.

Back at the hospital, The League anxiously awaits the results of The Chief. They decide to pass the time by playing a game of Duck Duck Goose. Bill the Lab Guy tells The League that it doesn't look like The Chief is going to make a full recovery, and all they can do is wait. The Action League then talk about how they're gonna miss The Chief, as he's always been there for them. Thundergirl starts by telling the rest of the League her favorite memory of The Chief; the time he helped her overcome her fear of ceiling fans. In her flashback, The Chief is standing on a tennis racket, telling Thundergirl she can fly. Thundergirl refuses, as she's worried she'll get chopped up again. The Chief encourages her by telling her, "A quitter never wins and a winner never quits", and Thundergirl tries to fly. She flies across the room without getting chopped up, and sings a song telling The Chief how proud she is of him. She lands on the other end of the tennis racket, launching the Chief into the air, causing the ceiling fan to chop him into pieces. The Chief lands, thinking he's okay at first, but then he falls apart and growls.

As Thundergirl's flashback ends, The Flesh tells Thundergirl he liked her story. Meltman and Stinky go next, telling Thundergirl and The Flesh about their favorite memory of The Chief; the time he invited them to see a boxing match with him. In their flashback, Stinky thanks The Chief, and Meltman tells him he's more than a Chief, he's their friend. The Chief tells him and Meltman, "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Meltman decides the least he and Stinky can do to repay him is to buy him a bag of peanuts. The Chief tells them they don't have to, as he's trying to watch his sodium intake, but Stinky insists, and asks the Vendor to give them one bag of peanuts. The vendor tosses the bag, knocking The Chief into the boxing ring, where one of the boxers punches his head off, and it lands in the bag. The Chief growls as his head lands in the bag.

As Stinky and Meltman's flashback ends, The Flesh tells the rest of the League he has a favorite memory of The Chief as well; the time he helped him find himself. Thundergirl tells The Flesh he's done that for all of them, but The Flesh tells her he meant The Chief literally helped him find himself. In his flashback, The Flesh is walking around with a can on his head, and doesn't know where he is. The Chief tells The Flesh that he's right here, and he can't see where he's going with a can on his head. The Flesh removes the can, relieved he's here, and tosses the can, which turns on a power sander, which sands The Chief down to a fine powder. The Chief growls and The Flesh sneezes his powder away.

As The Flesh's flashback ends, the League start crying. Justice comes in and Barks. Thundergirl asks him if he has a favorite memory of The Chief as well, which Justice does. Justice's favorite memory of the Chief is the time he got hit by a cinder block. As Justice's flashback ends, Stinky hugs him, telling him he loves The Chief and he hopes he survives. Bill the Lab Guy tells the League that The Chief has taken a turn for the worse, and it's only a matter of time now before he kicks the bucket. The Narrator then asks the viewers if the League will lose the Chief, then tells them to stay tuned for part 2.

In the second act, with the Chief just moments away from being sent to the great beyond, the League gather round him to tell him that they've been thinking about him. They tell him about all the times they had together, such as the time when they blew him up with a nuclear bomb, and the time they accidentally diced him in the food processor. Suddenly, the Chief's heart rate goes up, much to Bill's surprise. It continues to rise and then skyrockets as the League tells him about the time with the milkshake maker, the trash compactor, and the waffle iron. The Chief awakens from his deadly coma in shock, and the League cheers. The Chief tells them that they're in a lot of trouble. The Flesh tells The Chief it's time for them to go home, but The Chief tells him not to touch him. The Flesh accidentally pushes The Chief's bed, which bumps into a vice, launching the Chief out the window and into the road, where once again, the street sweeper runs him over. The Chief is once again in pieces as the episode ends.


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